Beat Licenses

Leasing Rights

Leasing Rights are the basic version of our two song licensing forms. You will receive an untagged (free of sound marks) WAV file of the instrumental. Our leasing rights allow you to use the instrumental for one commercial project which can be distributed for up to 1,000 copies. Selling more than 1,000 copies means you must acquire a new lease or premium rights. This license form is often used for demos or promotional purposes.

Premium Rights

Premium Rights are the advanced licensing version. You will receive an untagged WAV file and the tracked out instrumental (i.e. every stem of the instrumental for mixing purposes). Premium rights allow you to use the instrumental unlimited. This means, you can sell as many copies you want and use it for as many copies you want. You can also work on the beat in any form: change it, mix it, re-arrange it.
Notice: We keep the selling rights of your purchased song. That means, they will remain in the store and can be purchased by anyone. If you want to be the only owner of a song you have to buy the exclusive rights.
If you want to purchase exclusive rights contact us directly (